Jake Brahm – “Don’t mess with Football”

Jake Brahm – Dirty Bomb Hoaxer

“When you’re a 20-year-old, and you roll a snowball, and the next thing you know, it’s as big as a house rolling down a hill, it surprises you a bit”. – Patrick Knight, Brahm’s lawyer

It has amused and infuriated me how the media, and US federal agencies, have reacted to all this.

They seem so techno-ignorant in their vocal response that I find myself wondering if the Internet is truly just a series of tubes as Senator Ted Stevens believes.

The quote that gets my goat the most though is the following;

“We cannot tolerate this Internet version of yelling fire in a crowded theater in the post-9/11 era,” – U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie

This is totally bogus piece of neo-Luddite BS!
The analogy is all wrong.
A better analogy would be;

“Shouting fire on the front lawn of a frat party, which is recorded by one of the attendees, who thinks it funny to then play it back in crowded theaters”

And they are prosecuting the guy who SHOUTED it and not the people who SPREAD it into crowded theaters!
Does this make any goddamn sense at all?

What is even more bizarre is that if you actually read the version of the threat that was posted in 4chan you can pretty easily see it is just a joke.
The words and phrases used look like the were taken verbatim from a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie script.
[Plus have the Feds bothered to even look at 4chan? It is full of anime freaks (like me ;-)), hentai freaks, tentacle porn freaks, furry freaks, general perverts and gun nuts. Not really a credible place for an Al Queda threat.]

I also find it disingenuous that the big news corporations, FOX, CNN et. al., run endless terrorist scenarios, including attacks on football stadiums, that are no less fear inducing than the faux threat issued by Jake Brahm, but no Federal agencies are calling them to account.

This seems to be one law for big business and another for the small man.

But most of all this sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of speech on the internet.

Now, no matter in whatever forum you may be, you have to be very careful what you say.
Because someone, anyone, can copy your comment out of context onto other parts of the internet, and then YOU can be prosecuted for it.

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