Democracy … Shamocracy!

The National Association of Realtors was the biggest donor in the race, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, giving 53% of its $2,675,755 cash pot to the Republicans [$1,418,150.15] and the other 47% to the Democrats [$1,257,604.85].

I had better warn you straight out that this is going to be a bit of a rant.

I am just a little annoyed by the fact that Democracy in the USA is anything but democratic.
It is basically an elected oligarchy that has little or no accountability to the people at all.
The above quote exemplifies the problems inherent with the present democracy in the USA.
Large donors tend to be corporations, associations or lobby groups rather than individual citizens.
These types of organizations have political agendas, wether it be tax cuts for first time home owners, banning gay marriage, or subsidizing manufacturing.
These organizations also donate to both parties.
This is to cover their bases so that they can continue to have influence regardless of whichever party gains power.

Because of these large donations political campaigners can afford underhand, or dirty tricks, campaigning. An example is the recent flooding of YouTube of anti-Kerry videos by individuals linked directly to a GOP PR company. [The DNC are not above dirty tricks, but the YouTube flooding has been primarily by the GOP. It seems the DNC still haven’t caught up with internet dirty tricks yet.]
And because these organizations are effectively buying support from both parties the differences, in practice, of the actual policies are relatively insignificant.
[The difference tends to be one of emphasis rather than substance, regardless of the rhetoric.]

Of course the solution is difficult.
A political campaign costs a lot of money.
If you restrict finance to just individuals then you will be unlikely to get enough ca$h to finance a single advertisement let alone an entire campaign.

But the disconnect between the intention of democracy, a plebiscite to give authority to an individual as a representative, is undermined.
The individual is no longer working as a representative of the electorate, but at the favor of their donors.

I have run out of rant! It seems that this is a circle that for the life of I can not square.

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