Wii vs PS3 (vs XBOX360) [Yet another next-gen console opinion post]

You have to love the marketing guys at Nintendo. They have really captured the ideas behind their console in their advertisements for it.
The idea that families can play together and that the games have motion based input, and are therefore more active and physical.

If you compare the Nintendo advertisement with the Sony PS3 demon baby advertisement you can see that Sony really does not get how to market its console yet. Which is a pity. [Who is in their marketting department? David Lynch?]

But this Seventh Generation console war seems, from Sony’s perspective, a little too like a re-run of the Sixth Generation.

During the Sixth Generation the Sega Dreamcast came out a full 18 months before the Sony PS2. It had better marketing than the PS2 and was cheaper than the PS2 at launch. It also had far more game titles.[The launch of the PS2 was just as shambolic as the recent launch of the PS3. Too few consoles in stock, hardly any game titles on launch day etc.]
The situation with the Dreamcast is synonymous with the XBOX360 in the present generation.

PS2 won dominance even though the odds were against them. [Especially when M$ entered the race a year after the PS2 with the XBOX]

I feel that the PS3 will eventually win the 7th generation console wars IF, and only IF, it is allowed to continue in the fight beyond 2008.
One thing that is different in the mix of this generation is that Sony is headed by a British vietnam vet with a focus on profits, and not a Japanese guy interested in technical prowess.
He could easily kill off the PS3 as too significant of a loss leader in the new profit-first mentality of his reign of power.

Another weird add to the mix is Nintendo’s decision not to go for the might-is-right philosophy of Sony and M$ and focus instead on gameplay and innovation.

People are attracted to the Wii not because it has superior graphical ability, it does not, or because it can be a media center out-of-the box, it can’t, but because it offers new ways of physically interacting with console games, is far more compact and, of course, far more affordable.

I will probably buying a Wii when it comes out, and wait a while until the PS3 comes down in price, and then buy one of those.

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