The war on xmas

There is a big misconception that secular humanists are trying to de-christofy xmas.
It is promoted as “the godless attacking Christianity” in the name of Political Correctness.

But this is such obvious BS that most secular humanists don’t even bother to comment on it.
Secular Humanism does not give a shit how some religious person does or does not celebrate their personal holy day/s.
You want to shout it from steeples then go ahead. It is not like secularists will try to stop you.

Want to sell out to Hollywood and get a religious film tie-in for your shopping mall? Then go ahead.
Us disbelievers will just sit on the sidelines and ignore you anyways.

Secularism is about giving equal respect to opposing religious viewpoints.
It is about preventing one religious viewpoint, even if it is the predominant one, from having a unrivaled position to the detriment of opposing religious viewpoints.
So fine. Have your silly winter solstice festival, but let the Muslims sing from their minarets about Ramadan, and the Jews celebrate Chanukah’s.
THAT is what secularism is about.
Preventing the (un)reasoning of religious privilege that led, indirectly, to the holocaust is what secularism is really about.
It does NOT want to stop religious festivals. But it DOES want a fair and equal society.

There is a war FOR xmas. But it is within the xian faith itself.
Some decry the over-commercialization of xmas and call those xians that support the commercialization ‘secularists’ who are ‘diluting the message of christ’.
Others decry any attempt to de-comercialize xmas and call those that support de-commercialization ‘secularists’ who are too ‘politically correct’ and want to ‘destroy’ the ‘traditions’ of xmas.

While all the time secularists are laughing on the sidelines.

Oh. And one another thing while I am ranting.

Since the 11 century xians have amongst themselves used the letter X as a contraction for the word Christ.
This is because in the original language of the New Testament, Greek, X is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ.
So Xmas and Xian are NOT part of some secular conspiracy to ‘cross out Christ’, but just a centuries old Christian shorthand derived from the original texts.

And this is also the reason illiterate people were asked to ‘sign with an X’.
They were signing their name in Christ.

“Bah, Humbug!” – Ebenezer Scrooge

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