Image of GOD in islamic protest

AFP BB News Article

Thanks to the ANN for finding this amusing gem.

The protest is by Palestinians against the violent killing of children in the occupied territories. Which I have to admit is a dark and serious subject.
But then the picture they chose to depict children is Suzumiya Harumi from the light novel/manga/anime series “The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”.

As someone who has watched and enjoyed the series I can tell you a little bit of the plot without spoiling it too much for you.
Haruhi is God. [Although she is unaware of that.]
Or at least that is one of the theories as to why varies people and organizations, from aliens to time travellers, are interested in a seemingly ordinary high-school girl.

Since the anime aired any reference to God, or religion in general, on the many anime/manga image boards, tends to be associated with an image of Haruhi. [Amusingly I also have Haruhi as my desktop image at the moment.]

So the idea of a Moslem using the image of Haruhi in a protest, especially after the furore earlier this year about the danish cartoons of Mohamed, is mildly amusing. [It is also reminiscent of the “evil Bert” next to Osama picture.]

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