Pipes gives Yahoo! edge in Feed Aggregation space.

Last year I posted a comment to the Google Reader development group about how having the ability to filter an aggregated feed in Google Reader would be a definite no-brainer value add. Others in the group also thought it a great idea.

So far Google Reader is missing this feature.

But you can do it using the new Yahoo! Pipes. Today!

Yahoo! Pipes is an amazing Web 2.0 app that really shows what you can do with the technology.
It is basically a visual IDE for creating smart feed aggregation. I think it can also do some basic result scraping, but I have not looked into that. [The documentation is pretty sparse right now, I hope their FAQ gets fleshed out, and a few tutorials would also not go amiss.]

The lack of documentation aside, It is disarmingly simple to set up a simple feed aggregator with basic content filtering.
I created one in less than five minutes and published it here.

I based my pipe on an existing aggregation pipe but added filtering.
I used three anime feeds, TokyoTosho, Anime Suki and AnimeNewsNetwork, and then added a few popular current anime to filter out these feeds.
It all works like a dream.

Now, if only Google would allow you to have Filter Folders in Google Reader, like everyone wants, I would be ecstatic.
I do not like the idea of having to publicly publish my filtered aggregates before being able to use them.
To me that is a privacy issue. [Now everyone knows I am interested in Evangelion and Haruhi thanks to pipes, hmmm]

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