Call me … Ismail Ax

Why oh why are people trying to link Islam to the Virginia Massacre?

The name Ismail Ax is far more likely to have a literary meaning to the killer than a religious one.
[Seeing as the guy was an English major]

And I think I have found it. [Yes, yet another blogger with yet another useless unlikely theory]


No one doing an English language degree in the US would be unaware of Melvilles magnum opus.

The character Ishmael in the novel is often described as an obsessive character with dark suicidal thoughts.

“His primary reason for going to sea, he suggests, is to break out of this depressive cycle and obsession with death.”

It seems to describe the killer more accurately than the description of Ishmael in the Bible [oh, and incidentally also in the Koran].

People mentioned that he was a isolated young man who wrote dark pieces.

The fall back by some into a “lets blame Islam” mentality just shows them up for the reactionary bigots they are.

It is the same mentality that blames rock music and D&D for such massacres, rather than the perpetrator.
[And the right says the left is pathetic by blaming gun ownership … They should look in the mirror before casting stones, or something]

My theory may be asinine but then most of them are.

More than likely we will never know why the killer did what he did and what his real motivations were.

But it won’t stop net bigots and net weirdos thrashing futilely around for a reason.

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