Ow… It burns…

I had a good time on Queen’s day but got burnt.

It was probably the sunniest Queen’s days I have ever experienced.

I am now suffering from a headache and am drinking lots of water and OJ to replenish what has been exfoliated from me by the Sun.
Luckily I have got 400mg of Ibuprofen with my name on it washing around in my system, and that is helping some.

One thought on “Ow… It burns…

  1. Seb says:

    Gawd, i fucking hate Queens Day, I’m so glad I spent it as far away from Holland as my bank account would let me.

    As a semi-professional, part-time Cloggy, I cannot for the life of me understand how getting all your auld shite from out of your lofts and garages and then hawking it to passers by (90% of which invariably are japanese tourists) whilst wearing inflatable orange crowns, playing André Hazes records at full volume and offering 50c for that ‘Mastermind Game’ you bought back in 1973 on account of the tasty chinese burd on the front cover but which now has 2 pins missing in any way constitutes anything to be proud of or celebrate?


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