Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bush faces eavesdropping subpoena

“Its unfortunate that congressional Democrats continue to choose the route of confrontation.”

I wonder if I am the only one who also heard the following appended to the above Whitehouse comment…

“… instead the of subservient compliance we expect”

In just the same way as David Cameron seems uninformed about the British Constitutional affairs when he demanded that Gordon Brown hold an election to get a mandate [Constitutionally the electorate elect the political party, Labour, not the PM] the Whitehouse seems intentionally ignorant that the Congress is there to hold the President to account.

Rather than gripe at the Democrat congressmen doing their obligated constitutional duty, perhaps they should gripe at the Republicans that failed to do theirs for the previous 6 years? Perhaps if they had done their job, rather than always being quietly compliant, the Republicans would still totally hold on to the reigns of power.

Or perhaps I am being to much of a constitutional literalist and not seeing the realpolitik motive behind both of these constitutionally ignorant statements.
Perhaps they were made to pander to ignorant reactionaries who are unversed in the finer points of democracy.

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