A family that aerobicizes together, stays together.

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I really think Nintendo have got it all thought out.
Their game plan is inspired.

They are taking commercial game systems back to their family and friends roots, away for the hard core nerds and fragmasters that dominated gaming in the last decade.

I remember in the late 70s, the family all surrounding Pong and playing against each other. An almost Utopian childhood memory.
Although games originated in the nerd infested computer labs of US universities in the early 70s, they were not popular or well known.
To become accepted computer based games had to become a social and family event to be able to compete with traditional board games.
[Which were derisively called bored games by the gaming community of the day]

Games systems moved further and further from this initial ideal as they became accepted and mainstream.
They reverted to the geeky and cliquey image of the PDP11 based university gaming geeks of the early 70s.

But Nintendo have changed all that, and this

make health fun

idea is inspired.

It has been tried before, but the Wii is probably the first time the idea might actually have a chance.
[I for one have a sore right arm from playing Wii sports… What will the Wii Fit do to me???]

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