Failure to launch

No. Not the lameass movie but a little bit of soul bearing on why my brilliant dot com idea, geekmeets, amounted to less than a hill of beans.
It has taken nine months before I could even begin to write this and thinking about it still makes me a little depressed.

The plain and simple truth is I took on far too much at a time when I was not mentally prepared for it and, of course, like a house of cards it all fell down.

I felt for some months after I put Geekmeets on permanent hiatus that I had let down those who found the idea intriguing and were actively cheering me on from the sidelines. But I no longer feel that way.
The only person I really let down was myself, and the only person who I need to truly reconcile with is also myself. [I just wish I would return my calls.]

Geekmeets was, and still is, a great idea, and I may still get around to working on it again.
But until that time I will live as a happy drone, developing feverishly away in Java.

So I sincerely apologize if anyone feels I have pushed them away because of this, a common thing I tend to do when depressed about something.

[Perhaps after this net-catharsis I can now get back to blogging and net-socializing normally…?]

One thought on “Failure to launch

  1. Seb says:

    So why did you not continue working on it? If it’s a good idea, then go with it, before someone else does.


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