Kids and new technology…

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: This made me cry

I read some anime blogs and one a few weeks ago mentioned that they did not believe that kids of the future, as shown in the anime Denno Coil, could be as integrated with technology at such an early age.

They were skeptical about a child’s ability to integrate the advanced AR technology into their daily lives.

This video on FSJ proves this skepticism to be totally off-base.
Just as I can do virtually anything with a computer, but my parents generation can not, this trend will no doubt continue into the future as new technologies emerge.

By the time the baby in the video is 18 I doubt he will find multi-touch, pervasive communication and computing devices unusual or even special.
He will wonder what all the fuss is about the iPhone.
He will grow up in that world.

The one aspect of Denno Coil that I do find off-base is the tech-savvy nature of the grandmother, Megabaa.
My grandparents, who are about the same age as her, can not even use a DVD player, even though they totally mastered the VCR in the early ’80s.
Will seniors be able to keep up, as shown in Denno Coil, with the rapidly changing face of technology? I think this is unlikely.

But I hope to prove this wrong myself. 🙂

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