What? Companies should be bland and humourless?

Anil Dash

What is wrong with companies having a sophomoric dig at each other.
I mean come on.

Lighten up.

But, let me throw my oar in to the ridiculous heated debate.

A search on Flickr for BSOD gives the following;

We found 1,093 results for photos tagged with bsod.

Whereas for kernal panic you get;

We found 25 results for photos tagged with kernal and panic.

Now doing a little math, and assuming Kernal Panic refers only to OS X, amongst other assumptions, Apple would have only 0.25 % of the OS market. [Of course this is a totally facetious example.]

Now I agree that OS X has ‘issues’ but stability is not one of them.

All Apple has to do is keep slightly better than the main rival.
And that seems to be all they are doing.
[Although MS has made is somewhat easy with the total fustercluck that is Vista]

I would like to see a lot more innovation in OS X. [leopard did not have the wow-factor.]
I would also like to see some stability and usability in Windows. [One word. Vista.]

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