Japanese Vacation Preparations

Less than a week to go, I leave on Saturday morning, and I am starting to get REALLY excited.
This may my the third vacation to Japan, but even so I am still excited.
My list of things I really want to do are as follows;

  • Studio Ghibli Museum: I have been a fan of Miyzaki since being exposed to Laputa back in the 80s, and so going to the studio museum, even though it is for kids and all in Japanese, is a definite.
  • Odaiba Gundam: Although I am not a fan of Mecha anime, the whole concept of a 1:1 scale Gundam figure is intriguing. And with it being taken down on September 1st, I have a limited amount of time to view it
  • Fuji: I am considering two trips to Fuji during my stay. The first to Fuji Five Lakes resort, the second to Hakone. Hakone can feasibly be done on a daytrip from Shibuya, but I will probably stay over in Fuji Five lakes to experience Onsens again.
  • Kyoto: I found Kyoto one of the most relaxing places to stay, back in 2005. So I want to experience that peacefulness again.
  • Shibuya: My favourite part of Tokyo. Lively, cosmopolitan and fun. I stayed there in 2007, so I even know which Yakitoria to have my first evening meal in.
  • Gifu: Although I would like to do this, it may be unfeasible as it is off the beaten track. Gifu prefecture has some beautiful, world heritage site, countryside. With traditional thatched houses.

That is it. [so far]

As for how my organisation of other important stuff is going
Flights — done
Hotels — 1st Hotel done
Cash — had some left over from 2007… more than enough to get me from Narita to hotel and buy dinner on Sunday.
Language — meh. OK I should have been going through all my audio lessons. But I haven’t. A combination of Craziness (work) and Laziness (XBOX) are the reasons and the poor excuses. I am sure I will do fine. A smile, a polite respectful attitude and a japanese-english dictionary is essentially all you really need.

I will be posting my images of my vacation to my flickr account. [I expect there to be tons. I will post the set URL when I start uploading them]
And will try and keep my twitter account, and this blog, also up-to-date with what I am doing.

If you are in Tokyo/Kyoto over the next three weeks and wanna meet up then ping me on my twitter account.
I am not all that scary. [Honest]

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