Final pre-prep

So now I have found a cool thing.

My diary from my 2005 trip.
It made me smile and remember things I had forgotten.
Must do that again this time. [Online preferably… but lo-fi too ^_^]

Just checked that my netbook will work with BOTH of my cameras.
This is something I had forgotten to do.
Luckily it recognises the USB connection and automounts fine.
[It has issues with the card slot… but who cares.
You should keep your cards in the camera. [Especially if it is 8GB like mine]]

I made sure that the first shot on each card [and the cardless memory in my compact] contains my personal details just in case I lose one of my cameras.
I know that is depending on “good Samaritan” syndrome, but I do it anyway just in case.

Looking at all the cables and chargers that I am taking I am sure there has to be a better way. [Although taking a UTP cable is something I always do since last years stint in Paris where the hotel’s WiFi would not reach my floor.]

Tomorrow I am requisitioning the photocopier at work and also buying a guide book last minute. [Although with intarwubs available for free in the hotel, that is essentially just killing trees pointlessly. Well, ok, I always like to have a lo-fi fall-back position.]

Need to find the address and contact details of BOTH the British and Dutch consulates. It would be pointless for the Brits to give me a temp passport to the UK when I permanently reside in NL.
So If I have both I am sure I could work something out.
[I am also making sure I have a photocopy of my passport]

Although I am not looking forward to the 16 hour journey, I AM looking forward to walking up to the Limousine Bus desk and asking for a ticket to Shibuya. It is at that point, even before I get to the first hotel, that I know I have ARRIVED.

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