Final Final Final Preparation

I have it all prepped. Finally.

But I could not find my Privium card.

But, fortunately, while hunting for the Privium card I found a pasmo card for Tokyo public transport AND a BIC Camera points card AND my British Airways frequent flyer card.
Who would have thought it.
By losing one card I found three!

Of course, when it came to print my boarding cards…. my printer would not print.
I checked the printer and the printer cartridge had expired in 2006.
So a rush over to the supermarket just before closing time and a quick grab of two replacement cartridges sorted that little problem.

So I finished up with the clothes bag packing and continued with the flight bag packing.

Then I suddenly had a thought.
Could the Privium card be in my moleskine with my Dutch drivers license?
And it was.

And that indirectly solved another issue that had been on my mind.

If I lost my passport, for some reason, then I would need to prove my British nationality to the British Consulate in Japan to get a temporary or replacement passport.
However, the document I usually use to prove my nationality is… my passport.
A bit of a catch 22.

The Foreign Office website suggested various other ways to prove your nationality, like having a British drivers license or British credit card. [Neither of which I have! (I have been an ex-pat for 11 years)]

Short of reciting Ivor Biggun’s entire back collection and doing a passable fake Yorkshire accent I couldn’t think of a way to prove I was actually British and not Johnny Foreigner.

As I pulled out my Privium card I noticed my Dutch drivers license says I was born in … St. Helens, GB. Bingo!

So I am all set. With two alarms set also.

All primed to go!

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