Yeah! I am here!

Yeah! I am here!, originally uploaded by graney.

I am finally in Japan.
It is quite a long journey and very tiring.

I dropped my bags off at the hotel and then walked around a bit before checking in, picking up a bite to eat at a MOS Burger along the way.

I found out, even with my cursory first pass, that two things have changed in Shibuya. First the amazing Tokyu Hands department store has disappeared. And Secondly the Yakitorya that I loved the last time has closed.
Both of which are a shame.

A nice Japanese couple consented to photographing me next to the Torii. Which was nice.

There did not seem to be many cos-players in Harajuku, if that is the right term for them?, Far more traditional goth than goth-loli.

Another minor annoyance, other than forgetting sun-block and getting pinked almost instantly, is that my ubuntu installation on my netbook will not upload to Flickr. ;(

I get around this by booting into windows.

I am fading fast, so I’ll sign off with the plan for tonight [which is easy]
* go to BIC Camera and get a belt bag for my compact camera. [The ziplock(tm) baggie is great and all, especially in this humidity, but it is getting annoying dragging it out of my pocket each time.]
* go and get dinner at the katsu restaurant across from my hotel that I just found.
* get some water from the nearby Family Market so I can re-hydrate.
* get some sleep.

See y’all tomorrow.

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