Aclimating and going out

I woke up at about 6am on Monday and went for breakfast in the hotel.

I got out and up to Omotesando, but I had forgotten that none of the stores open until 11am. Which was an oversight, but a nice walk.

I then decided to look at what I had written about visiting places in my first dasy and I had cryptically written “Naka Meguro”.I found the station on my map and set off.
However, when I got there I found a quite residential area that I distinctly remember being to before.
I have no clue why I wanted to go there or why I did previously, or what I did there previously. Ah, well, I will put it down to jet-lag.

I then went up to Ginza and visited some of the large, expensive, department stores.
And some of them were not that expensive. At least not for everything. I noticed a chocolate muffin in Mitsukoshi cost only 1.65 EUR.
So prices are not always horrendous, even in the expensive places.

I then wandered up to the large Muji store in northern Ginza and bought some important stuff. Like a wallet and an expandable bag identical to the one I could not find while packing back in Amsterdam.

After going into the large Bic Camera and buying a pair of headphones I called Chris and arranged a meet-up time near Hachiko in Shibuya.

As I left the Shibuya Station to go back to the hotel, the heavens opened and I rushed back into the station and bought a station umbrella. I thought it strange that the other people with umbrellas were waiting for the rain to pass until I tried walking in it and got soaked, even with my umbrella, after about 3 metres.

After a brief rest, popping to the 7-11 for some cash, I then went to meet-up with Chris at the Hachiko statue.
There was quite a crowd around the statue,as ever, with many taking photos with it, and so when Chris arrived I got him to get a “tourist photo” of me and Haciko.

Chris then took me to the incongruously named “Pub American” which was very unlike a pub and not very American, but that had cheap beer and affordable food.

Chris’ better half turned up and we got through beers and sours, a new experience for me there I had a Yuzu Sour, and a table full of bar food. Still trying to understand what is “pub” or “American” about garlic rice. 😛

The “pub” turned on it’s lights and threw out the clientele around 11:30, they got that bit right ;), and we parted ways with a plan to hook up when I get back from Kyoto.

I then wandered back to the Hotel using a scenic route and collapsed into bed.

Today I am going to Odaiba and getting some photos of the Gundam!
And also buying my Shinkansen ticket to Kyoto.

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