Gundam, originally uploaded by graney.

I went to odaiba and the thing is impressive.

18 metres tall.
Metal construction encased in plastic.

The head moves, left, right and looks into the sky while smoke billows out of various vents and some audio track introduces you to the pilots thoughts. [About being more environmentally sound. You can buy the gunpla kits nearby too!]

I got some video and will upload it to Flickr if and when I can.
[It only just exceeds the length limit and I do not have editing software on this netbook!]

But you get to see all the pictures. The day itself was gorgeous
I put on a ton of sunblock, but, as I later found out, not very evenly.

There are nasty red patches on the back of my neck and left hand and part of my right arm.

Oh, and yes, I DID walk between the Gundam’s legs.
We were asked not to take photos while under the Gundam itself and to keep moving. [We were allowed to in the line as much as we liked, even though that blocked the flow now and again.]

I was never really into mecha anime, but now, hmmm.

I was able coerce a fellow DSLR user to take my photo with the reciprocal offer for him with his.
So I am doing good this time around of getting myself in front of the lens as much as is possible.
[The biggest criticism I usually here is that I am never in any of my photos. One of the, few, downsides of vacationing alone.]

2 thoughts on “Gundam!

  1. Patrick Kanne says:

    OMG, I bet you felt absolutely safe standing next to it.. hell.. I live halfway around the world and, knowing it exists, I feel safer already..


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