Why I love Shibuya

Why I love Shibuya, originally uploaded by graney.

Shibuya is an amazing place and I will return in about a week.
But this is one of the reasons.

It is so dynamic and youth cultured.

There are some amazing bands playing on street corners during the evening hawking their latest home-made CD.

And they are awesomely good. [The QUALITY of the video is much poorer than how they sounded IRL]

I spent the most of today pottering around Ueno and Asakusa getting re-familiarised with my DSLR. [Although I mostly ended up using the Program function when my initial forays into manual settings return only WHITE screens… *sigh* I will read the manual again on the train to Kyoto]

I have never been up to the Senso-ji temple itself as the last time I visited it was shortly after New Years day and the crowds were horrendous. After ten minutes and only getting 5 metres I decided to give it a miss.
This time there were hardly any adherents, mostly just tourists, like me, there to take photos and throw 1 yen coins into the donation chests.

Tomorrow I get up early to catch the train to Kyoto.

Oyasumi mina!

One thought on “Why I love Shibuya

  1. WDave says:

    Hey, did I know you were a Miyazaki fan? I’m several Studio Ghibli films behind and need to get caught up. If you get any (with English subtitles), I’ll want to borrow them from you later!


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