Off to Matsumoto tomorrow

Philosopher’s path, originally uploaded by graney.

The gateway of the Alps.

I have changed my plans in the last 12 hours so many times I am a little confused as to what I am doing or where I am.

But now I have a little clarity.

I am off to Matsumoto for 2 nights in a hotel nestling in the shadow of a castle. I phoned up and booked.. even though I now find out I could have used the intarwubs to book as well. But it was a good chance to practice my embarrassing Japanese.
[I tend to pronounce all the syllables with equal emphasis. Which made the woman on the other end audibly smile. (could hear it in her voice ;)) For instance; ashita is actually pronounced “ashta” the “i” is unvoiced. But not when I pronounce it.]

There is also supposed to be lovely local train into the mountains and I will do that on Tuesday morning to see what it is like.

All this was decided very last minute.
I decided to go to Matsumoto because Fuji Five lakes would have been hard to get to/from and put in my planned schedule. Plus it closes on the day I arrive. And Also, the only places I could find with places were for backpackers, which is not where I would like to be.

So I get back to Tokyo, Shibuya, on the 2nd.

However, I plan to spend a night in Hakone on the 8th.
Still need to book the place for that. [want a ryokan! preferably one with a hot spring :P]

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