iPad and what it actually changes

The iPad release has all the blogs posting. And so I will use this as an opportunity to start being social again [online that is!].

What it is is not that game changing.
We have had tablet PCs before.
And we have had ebook readers too.

What it changes is the opening up data-only contracts on non-locked mobile devices to the general consumer.
[And at reasonable prices to boot]

This is far more of a game changer, as the oft repeated parlance goes, than the underlying tech. [It is just a big iPod]

It is also priced to compete directly with eBook readers like the kindle, or Sony Reader.

If I was to specify my desires for a useful ebook reader it would need to be able to read online sites as well as full-colour PDFs. [Ever tried reading a website in monochrome?]
This is something that the iPad does at very little extra cost to the eBook readers currently available here in the EU

The fact that current eInk based ebook readers can last a week, or more, on a single charge is meaningless. [Sorry environment!]

Most people who will use the iPad on a daily basis will expect it to need recharging often. Far more often than it will actually need to.

And 10 hours between recharges is about a days worth of long-haul readage. [Which is the minimum acceptable for an ebook reader!]

All in all, the iPad is up there as a definite want, but as my 4 year old MacBook Pro is on it’s last legs, I may not buy one and wait for the highly anticipated MacBook Pro refresh instead.

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