Belgian AD Agencies go on a virtual strike… WTF?

Ad Agency Nonsense

Total and utter BS.

The death throws of an industry that is rapidly fading into irrelevance due to advances of technology and the collective behaviours of a more “involved” consumer base.

I found the whole “looky here at our meaningless self-given awards” such pretentious self promotion twaddle.
Like those awards actually ‘mean’ anything.

The ANDY Awards do not even have a wiki page.

AD industry awards are purely for how things “look”.
Not that how things “look” actually seems to count anymore in today’s search engine, social media and feed-reader driven world. [Thanks to Google, Content is finally King.]

There are no awards given for the ROI of a campaign.
Which is what clients are interested in when they engage an AD agency in the first place.
Financial Results.

Do not get me wrong.
Cool creative shit is still cool.
And it definitely deserves rewards.

But the self-aggrandising hyperbole of their statement just makes me cringe.

And why do I work in such an industry?

I love a challenge.

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