OS X JVM is NOT like Flash… stop the ridiculous straw men!

John Gruber and some others are inferring that the problems with Flash as cross-platform system are the same as the problems with the Mac OS X JVM.

This is an absurd and disingenuous straw man.

Let me concisely point out why;
The Flash VM is written and managed by Adobe, but he OS X JVM is written and managed by APPLE.

The problems that people experience with OS X JVM are entirely Apples own fault.
I cannot blame them for focusing their development on the proprietary Objective-C value chain rather than on the more generic Java, that is their business focus as a company.
But it is daft to say that the problems with the JVM on OS X are anyone’s fault OTHER than Apple’s.

The JVM as implemented by Apple needs to be passed a simple variable, apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar, and other such things, to get a more integrated OS X native look-and-feel.
Most Java developers cannot be bothered to branch their code.
Even if it is for a simple single property.
Also, why is this a simple property and not the default behavior of the OS X JVM?
Surely it makes much more sense to consistently use the UI idioms of the local OS as the default JVM behavior?
Apple are not even consistent with themselves on this extremely basic UI issue.
You have to explicitly say you want to use the native OS X menu, but the JVM by default uses the native OS X look and feel!

Some coders, thankfully, do go as far as to build and package Java based apps specifically for OS X and they actually look and perform well.

Another point to note is that Apple even have Java based products.
Which makes their overall lackadaisical support of Java quite confusing.

Apart from the fact the OS X JVM is maintained by Apple themselves, and the Flash VM is maintained by Adobe (well known for their atrocious resource hogging code), is the fact that Flash is only a browser plug-in that Adobe is trying to re-purpose into being much more.
Whereas the JVM is a run-time environment for an enterprise programming language.
[Warts and all!]

It is not even comparing like with like.

True, Java Applets are, thankfully, a thing of the horrendous past.

But that is entirely because the Java development community realized, perhaps a little too late to save Java’s image, that the average user did not want to download ridiculous large files that run in a proprietary in-browser container.

Something that Adobe and the Flash development community should grow up and finally realize.

Browser plug-ins, especially ridiculous resource hogging, poorly written, nonsense, should die.
And open standards should rule. [Which should be the topic for another post on the harm of Apple’s closed ecosystem…]

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