Airlines are a bunch of ****s

I know how a lot of people are feeling at the moment with the huge ash cloud causing flight delays across Europe.

I had a similar experience in January when I became snowbound at Manchester Airport in the UK and my flight was canceled.

But now, thanks to the bbc, I now know that KLM screwed me royally.

If a flight is delayed, there are strict European rules in place, which mean that the airline is obliged to supply meals and refreshments, along with accommodation if an overnight stay is required and you have a confirmed return booking.

Now, I had a confirmed return booking and KLM operatives refused to pay for a night in a Hotel.
They claimed, incorrectly it now seams, that they could not pay for my night in a hotel.

I can only assume that the reason they refused was the following;

However, if you are on the outward leg of a journey, this will not be given.

I am British and so maybe my British accent gave the staff the entirely incorrect assumption that I was on an outward leg.

I freaking live in Amsterdam. I am a freaking expat. I was returning home!

If any expat is reading this and is delayed don’t let it happen to you.
Demand your rights and get those arseholes to bloody well pay.

[For more information print this out in advance before flying.]

BTW, I have complained about being shafted.
Let us see how bad KLMs customer service really is.

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