Why Facebook Said No to Individual Code Ownership < AllFacebook.com

Why Facebook Said No to Individual Code Ownership < AllFacebook.com

An interesting dilemma.
I have had it both ways. Sometimes it is great to be the sole engineer in charge of a piece of functionality. [I have the POWERRRR!]
However, I feel it works better if you have the TA/TL being responsible for the overall quality of the implementation, through code compliance /automation/unit tests/code reviews/mentoring/ etc., and then allocating developers on a per task/availability basis. Rotated around the different parts of a code-base. Of course, you do sometimes have some developers in the team who are better at, or more familiar with, a problem domain or technology. But you should attempt to share that knowledge amongst the team. Of course, you should always estimate tasks/stories based upon the ‘average developer’ in your team, and not the most capable for that task/story.
A lot of TAs/TLs, myself included, have made this mistake. It is a well known cognitive bias called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Keep your eyes open to unintentionally underestimating how long other developers, who are not as knowledgeable as yourself, will take to complete a task/story.

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