Friday March 6th 2015, Interview with project scientists Dr. Samuels and Dr. Maartens. [cont]

Interviewer: So... it was all an elaborate con?
Dr. Samuels: Well, it was definitely a deceit. Something that allowed us to continue our 'research' without any undue governmental...
Dr. Maartens: or public
Dr. Samuels: <pause> ... or public, interference.
Interviewer: But, as this was ostensibly a military project, you did have to contend with congressional oversight.
Dr. Maartens: <laughs>
Dr. Samuels: <smiles> That was our intent.
Interviewer: I... don't understand
Dr. Samuels: Prior to this project, in the late 80s, Dr. Maartens and myself were members of a DARPA project to develop an EMP device that would disable the ignition on all vehicles within a 10km radius. Congress decided that the project was not worth the money and then shelved it. We were 80% complete.
Interviewer: A weapon... that stops vehicles... on the battlefield?
Dr. Maartens: And an MBT with no power is a 1,000 ton lump of metal of no use to an enemy.
Interviewer: So, at 80%, you were nearly done, and then congress shelved it?
Dr. Maartens: Exactly. We had even lab tested the prototype. It was actually going to work.
Dr. Samuels: What we worked out from that experience was that 'getting' the funding from congress is the easy part. It is 'keeping' of the funding until the completion of the project that is next to impossible.
Dr. Maatens: Especially nowadays. We have a head of the congressional science subcommittee that thinks the internet is a series of tubes, that the earth is 6,000 years old, that humans co-existed with dinosaurs and that climate change is a fairytale. If our 'leaders' in congress cannot even understand basic science, what chance do we have of completing any promising research?
Interviewer: I do not see how such a revelation could lead to what happened with this project.
Dr. Samuels: Well, we created a project proposal and sent it to the appropriate congressional subcommittee. We ensured that the request was clearly marked as "sensitive to national security"
Dr. Maartens: Immediate approval... Always...
Dr. Samuels: Because the subcommittee contained scientifically illiterate morons they did not understand what the whole thing was about. Somehow they came away with an 'understanding' that what we were developing was some kind of battlefield electromagnetic weapon for directed SigInt interference. When it was actually for artificially creating an aurora.
Dr. Maartens: <spreads arms above head> Pretty lights... in the sky!
Interviewer: What!? And... and that is all it does?
Dr. Samuels: Yes. What happened next was such good fortune that we could hardly believe it. Conspiracy theorists somehow heard about the project. And as it was a classified project, thanks to being marked as "sensitive to national security", only the congressional subcommittee...
Dr. Maartens: ... full of scientifically illiterate morons ...
Dr. Samuels: ... had read any of the reports. The general public ... 
Dr. Maartens: ... who are not scientifically illiterate morons ...
Dr Samuels: ... were not even allowed to see them, and so the conspiracy theorists started prying into things and found out ...
Dr. Maartens: ... we think from a congressional intern ...
Dr. Samuels: ... what the congressional subcommittee members 'understood' about the project.
Dr. Maartens: So, as soon as these conspiracy theorists started nosing around congress... 
Dr. Samuels: ... it suddenly became an echo chamber. The conspiracy theorists fed the scientifically illiterate 'understanding' that we had built some kind an electromagnetic weapon back to the same subcommittee members that had the 'understanding' in the first place, and that helped reinforce the subcommittees determination to see the project through to completion.  <sits back in chair>
Interviewer: ... So. What were you doing those 24 years? Surely it did not take that long to create an aurora?
Dr. Samuels: No. No. We were able to do that in the first 5 years. The remaining 19 we have been eating pizza, drinking beers, kicking back,...
Dr. Maartens: .. and watching the best damn light-show that the US taxpayer can provide.


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